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All Seasons Client Testimonials

Roofing Repair- Storm Damage

Carolyn Richards Carbondales Midas- Nashville, TN

We have used All Season's Roofing for the last three years and have been very happy with their service. They are very courteous, fair and prompt. Anytime we have had questions or problems with our roof, they have always returned our calls within a matter of hours and are usually at our facility to look at our roof within 24 hours. Back in May 2009, after the big storm, they came by and checked our roof. They found that we had storm damage and worked directly with our insurance adjuster to get our roof fixed as quickly as possible before any further damage could be done. The adjuster called me and said he enjoyed working with All Seasons because they were very professional and knowledgeable and were very reasonable with their estimate. We wouldn't dream of using anyone else.

Commercial Roof Repair

Jennifer P.- Nashville , TN

I had a rental property in Nashville, but I live in San Francisco, so getting anything done on it was always an incredible hassle. When I decided to sell it and move on, I needed to get the roof repaired from a hail storm that I didn't even know had happened last March. My Realtor recommended All Seasons Roofing and they were incredible! Not only did they get the job done in 3 days, just in time for us to close escrow, but they found ways to reduce my out of pocket expenses so that my insurance covered almost everything. Then, the real game began. Insurance companies/ banks/ Satan stepped in. It took three months of haggling back and forth with the insurance company and B of A to get these poor people paid. They were patient, helpful, and all around much nicer about it than I would have been. It's so hard to do something from a distance like this, so knowing you can trust the company is priceless. I already thought the price was shockingly reasonable, but the service- impeccable. This is your roofing company, look no further.

Commercial Re-Roof

​David Harkness- Nashville,TN

I have owned a 17,000 square foot building for 32 years and have "nursed" the roof through all kinds of problems. Most roofs that were applied did not last, trouble free, for long. Two years ago Dan Hammond of All Seasons Roofing had his staff install a solid white 60 mil thermoplastic membrane (TPO) roof. They used highly qualified workers and carefully sealed all a/c roof curbs, vents, drains, and other penetrations. They were very pleasant and helpful through the whole process. For the first time in MANY years heavy rains in the middle of the night don't cause me to get up fearing the phone will ring with a tenant saying they have leaks. The solid white roof membrane reflects the harmful sun rays and reduces my energy bills considerably. With a solid warranty backed by dependable people, I do not hesitate to recommend All Seasons Roofing and their white TPO roof material for a worry-free, long lasting roof.

Residential & Commercial Repairs in Nashville

​Karla Mathis Pilkerton Realtors- Nashville, TN

All Seasons Roofing is extremely professional and we are always pleased with their quality of service and timeliness. As a property manager of a shopping center, it is often times crucial to have quick, reliable service and All Seasons Roofing provides that each time.

Commercial Re-Roof

Paul H. - Nashville,TN

They are great! Very professional, punctual, informative, helpful, knowledgeable, skillful, and the list goes on!!! My experience with All Seasons Roofing has been one of the very few times that I have not been let down by a contractor. I would recommend them to anyone.

Commercial Roof Repair

John Germain- Nashville, TN

Tim Hammond at ALL SEASONS ROOFING in Hendersonville, TN is awesome!!! Came out to my home and within minutes had diagnosed my leaking problem and it had nothing to do with the shingles. He could have said, "Well you are going to have to fix that part yourself because it has nothing to do with me." But he said he would go out to get some supplies and take care of one appointment and be back to fix my problem THIS AFTERNOON! True to his word he got the problem fixed. THANK YOU TIM HAMMOND and ALL SEASONS ROOFING!!

Commercial Re-Roof

Pete W.- Nashville,TN

The following comment should tell you enough how great All Seasons Roofing is! Please note that most of the story in the beginning is about my own experience with the other local roofer before I found All Seasons!We had a bad storm during one night that lifted up a few pieces of shingles of the roof. That morning I called several local roofers. Due to the volume of the calls they received all said they would have to call me back to schedule the time. There were two local roofers that later called me back and schedule to meet me around 11-12pm. Both showed up about an hour and a half late! One of the roofers that came promised me that he could definitely point out some of the damages that could result in in getting the new roof through the insurance and asked me to sign the agreement to have them replacing the roof where I had three days to cancel it from the day that I signed. I noticed that there was the license number listed on the agreement so I went to to verify the license of this company. However, I could not find it even by the name or by the license number they said they had it. Doing a little further investigation online I found a Facebook page of this company with a comment of someone saying, “Good luck on your new business adventure!” and it was posted only 4 months ago!The other local roofer came about 1.30 and said he would charge me $350 for fixing it right then, but I felt that it was way too expensive since my co-workers had a similar problem paid about $250 on his. So I told him that I would get back to him.I then checked with BBB and I found out about All Seasons Roofing who is an accredited member of BBB. I gave them a call around 2PM and they said that they would have someone call me to schedule the time to come to the house for the estimate. I got a call about 3.30pm from Dan who listened to my story of what I went through all day and he said he would have someone e-mail me the information from BBB including all the ratings and the long list of customers for verification of their previous works. I received the e-mail with the info while we were still on the phone. Dan said that he would also send someone to give the estimate and put on a tarp for a temporary fix so they could do the job on the next day. About 4.30, Tim from All Seasons came. Very friendly. He gave us a quote and said that we did not need a new roof (the house is only about 7 year old). After he inspected it he said he could fix it right away and will only charge us $100!!! He wanted us to refer the business to friends if I could and I definitely would! I could not believe the quote he gave but this really helped me a lot since I worked in the local government, did not earn much, with three small kids. The job was done in a professional manner. After he fixed the loose shingles he spent almost another full hour checking almost every shingle (LITTERALLY) on the roof making sure that they were all glued as they were supposed to. Plus, he also helped cleaning the gutters while he was up there!!! I could not believe it until today. Very very nice guy and a great company. This really went above and beyond my expectation in every aspect. I have been telling this story to almost to all my colleague and friends since that day. They really have me as a loyal customer now.

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